Market Update from Angela Capitanio

DID YOU KNOW? 87% of potential buyers use the internet as their main tool to search for property?

Online advertising is becoming a more crucial part of property advertising with the internet being the go to search tool when buyers are looking for properties to purchase. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that Vendors are investing in internet advertising.

Consumers now days have the opportunity to search online websites using multiple devices such as desktop, tablet or mobile devices. This therefore increases the viewing rate of any property online as potential buyers have access to this information at their fingertips 24/7.

Print media combined with online advertising ensures that Vendors are capturing the entire market of buyers who are actively looking for properties, which makes the two a perfect combination for a successful sale.
Internet advertising allows buyers the opportunity to get more information in regards to the details of the property in a shorter period of time. There is a wider selection of photographs and more information in regards to the features of the property.

Because there is more information readily available for buyers, the rate of enquiry via online advertisements increases. It allows potential buyers to enquire on the property immediately by emailing the agent directly and asking any questions they might have or to set up an inspection.

By using print media such as advertising in the local Realtor, consumers who are accustomed to researching via this method have access to all of the information necessary to make further decisions and to inspect properties when advertised for open inspections.

Therefore to ensure your property gets the right and maximum exposure in the current market place it is necessary to utilise both online and print media.

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Posted by Angela Capitanio