When it’s time to sell your new home

There are some simple and often inexpensive details that can make all the difference to your property being seen as desirable to your prospective purchasers. Each and every home offers something of interest to those who view it. First impressions are important and are the most lasting thing. Ensure your home is inviting from the minute your potential buyer arrives to view your property.

Would a coat of paint freshen the look of the property?

Would the addition of new light fittings add brightness?

Are the rooms free from clutter?

Are there too many personal items of view?

When it comes to living areas remember “less is more.” Inviting living areas give buyers a feel of how they would use these areas when relaxing and entertaining.

Preparing your home for sale need not be a daunting process. If you would like my assistance, I am happy to do this with you.

You are most welcome to contact me should I be able to assist you any further with this or if you would like to discuss any real estate matter in the future.

Posted by Angela Capitanio